August 4, 2010

And Still Waiting...

So, I went to the geneticist and found out some good news. Apparently my risk of miscarriage is only slightly increased from my translocation (about 5%). I also only have a very small risk of carrying an unbalanced child to term (about 3%). Those numbers, of course, led the doctor to wonder if there could be something else going on besides the translocation.

Since my appointment with the geneticist, I have yet to hear from my RE. I'd like to get the show on the road and figure out what our plan of attack will be. Because I've been expecting a phone call from their office, I didn't worry that I was running out of the birth control pills they requested I take. Though, I don't see any reason why I should be taking them now. They were originally given to me because the RE was concerned that I may not be able to have a genetically healthy child. Obviously, that is no longer the case. Typically, I would call the doctor and ask whether I should continue taking the pill. However, I guess I'm not very motivated to continue taking it.... So, I don't call and I wait for their call. And I wait and wait and wait. Sigh... I feel like every month I'm not pregnant is another month wasted. Especially because I'm so unsure about how many more miscarriages I may need to go through before I have a child.