October 21, 2011

I'm Really Doing This Again

I just got my new calendar. I promise blog followers that I will actually get to retrieval this cycle--even if my RE isn't happy with the number of eggs. After much back and forth, I decided to switch my insurance (this will allow for 1 more covered ivf). The new insurance kicks in January 1st, so this cycle all must be done before then. Mr. F wants us to have another shot with my eggs if this cycle doesn't work. After 2 tries--if they both fail--then he's ready to move onto to donor egg. It's good to have a plan--though this process has definitely taught me that any plan in re fertility needs to be flexible.
This cycle will be a bit different then the others. I will be starting Climara patches next weekend and Ganirelix/Stims a few days after. The hope is that my body will respond a bit better to this type of stimulation. We shall see I guess--I'm just crossing my fingers that I get at least the response I was receiving from my previous tries.