September 28, 2010

And Another Negative

So, my period was two days late and I spotted starting at 5 dpo. I'm pretty sure I saw a faint line at 10 dpo and then nothing. So, maybe another chemical. Sigh...
With that news we've decided to move onto clomid/iui. I feel like I need to try something, anything different. The hope is we'll get more eggs and regulate my cycle/progesterone at the same time. Maybe with more eggs we will finally catch a good one?! That's the hope anyways. I'll be starting the process on Thursday with an ultrasound. I'm a little nervous as I was hoping not to get to this point. We are lucky though that we have decent insurance coverage and I feel like we should give it a shot now while we are able. Of course, I'll let you know how this goes and document the process.