November 12, 2011

Milestone Passed

I am actually going to get to retrieval! All went well today. I've got a lot of follicles....I'm not sure exactly how many because I was so excited seeing them all I forgot to ask. I think it was somewhere around 16 plus about 7 more measurable but smaller. So, we'll see. Either way RE said this is not a good or adequate stim but an excellent stim (from lil old me)! Apparently my body just did not like the suppression from the long l.uteal protocols. One more follie check appointment on Monday and it's looking like retrieval will be on Wednesday!

November 10, 2011

This may be the protocol for me!

Today I had 13 follies between 10-11 and at least 6 right behind at 9. RE is much happier with my response this time and said we seem to have found the protocol that works for me. We still have retrieval scheduled for Tuesday (retrieval--can't believe I may actually get there) but it's more likely to get pushed to Wed or Thursday. Happy to have gotten this far and hoping the follies keep growing. Next appointment is Saturday.

November 8, 2011

After 4.5 days of stims

I have 16 follicles in the running. They are all right around the same size 7-8. There may be more or there may be less--apparently it's difficult to tell when they are at this stage. Either way, it sounds like I'm at least at or above the results of my previous cycles. So, yay for that and may the follies continue to grow.

I also had blood drawn for my e2 levels. I'm not super concerned about them as I'm on gan.irelix this go round and from what I've read this can screw with e2 results. So far, so good.