April 24, 2012

Cloth Diaper Overload

I have a very serious problem. Well, maybe two of them. First, I am a bargain shopper. I love finding things I want, on sale. Shopping for PJ has been a blast. For instance, I knew I wanted a BOB. So, I watched and waited for months and got it for a great price. I also knew that I wanted to cloth diaper (for a variety of reasons). If any of you cloth diaper, you know how many great prints are available. I think I may have went a bit overboard. I may have bought 14 BumGenius Elementals and Free-Times this weekend (don't tell my husband he only knows about 8 of them). That is in addition to the other 29 diapers that I already have (in various brands/colors). In my defense, BG just came out with some adorable new prints/colors (The CornfedFeminist is also talking about this) The Albert print is perfect for us with Mr. F being a scientist so that was a must purchase. Also, they were discounted most places at 25% off. That being said, I think I have enough cloth diapers for awhile. That is, until I discover another great print....Cloth diapering is a very dangerous addiction.