May 29, 2012

Time flies...

I'm already almost 30 weeks! My next goal is 32 weeks and then I'm just going to focus on getting everything done before PJ decides to arrive. I've been crazy busy trying to finish the last 2 classes for my masters degree. I leave at 7am for work and don't return home until 9:30pm. My classes are 6 weeks long and I still have 5 to go. I've begun counting down already.

I may or may not have GD. I failed my one hour and got to go in to take the lovely three hour. I rushed in last Wed morning wanting to get it out of the way--and begin diet/tracking if I indeed had it. Well, I get my results via computer and my midwife said no call means nothing to worry about. My results were confusing. I failed the fasting (before the drink by 2 points). I failed the 1 hour but I passed the 2 hour and 3 hour. My test results say that you must pass 2 after taking the glucola drink--which makes me think I've passed. However, dr. g.oogle leads me to believe I failed. There has been no call from my midwife's I took things into my own hands and emailed her. I'm still waiting for a reply.

Other than that, I am just moving along. Pregnancy has been pretty kind to me and I hope that trend continues. PJ is really moving in there now and Mr. F has been able to feel her a few times--which is really awesome!