March 22, 2012

Movement and a Great Book

So, I have anxiously been awaiting PJs first kicks. Over the past few weeks there were a couple times when I thought I may have felt something. However, I was not completely convinced. The last few days it has become unmistakable. It's the craziest feeling. It alternates between feeling like a little bug under my skin and when I assume PJ is flipping--like I just took a crazy dive on a roller coaster. I'm loving it. This is something I was really looking forward to. I'm a little worried about what it is going to feel like when PJ gets bigger but I think I am ready for it.

I also just finished a really great book. What.Alice.Forgot.  It's a chick-lit book about a women who forgets about 10 years of her life after an accident. That's not what hooked me though. Instead, the story about her sister, a fellow infertile, is what really drew me in. I had no idea that it had anything to do with infertility and found myself crying throughout much of the book. It was so well done though and very realistic. I kept thinking either the author has went through this herself or someone very close to her had told her their deepest secrets regarding IF. I highly suggest the book.

In other news, we are still deciding where to move next fall. We will make a decision by mid-april. I'm nervous, excited, and all those other emotions that go along with making a huge move. We've done it twice now though, so at least I have a small idea of what we are getting ourselves into.