February 2, 2013

Blogging Goes out the Window

I really wish that I had more time to blog. However, some days I find it difficult to find the time to even go to the bathroom. So, blogging has pretty much been out of the question. Luckily for me, today is lazy Saturday. Mr F and baby P are both still sleeping (it's 10:30 here!). So, I am finally able to sit down, catch-up and update.

Things are going great here. P is steadily growing. At her last appointment she was above 75% for both height and weight--so she's not a tiny girl. She has started sitting unsupported for brief amounts of time and just recently has started saying mama. She doesn't associate with me yet (I don't think) but it's adorable nonetheless. Generally, she is a joy to be around and is a fairly laid-back lady.

One thing we do need to figure out though, is a sleep schedule. We have been bed sharing but it's time for P to move to her crib. I think we are all ready. However, she's not having being in the crib alone for more than an hour or so. I'm not against CIO but I'd love to find something else that works if possible, first. It's been stressing me out and is next on my to do list.

I finally found a job (2 of them actually) in December. One would have paid a lot of money but been terrible in terms of hours and commuting. I probably would have been gone about 70 hours a week. The other was a much shorter commute and less hours/stress but paid significantly less. The old me would have snapped up the higher paying job stress be damned. The new me took the lesser paying job and couldn't be happier. It's still more then enough to pay the bills and leave time for fun but it also allows me to be home for P. I get to watch her grow up and I have time to pump at work (which was also an important consideration for us).

P spent her first days at the babysitter last week. Apparently she was an angel (not sure if I fully believe that). She spends 3 days a week there and 2 days with her daddy. Mr F has a very flexible schedule, so that has been extremely helpful as I've went back to work. Other than that, we are enjoying getting to know NYC. We are loving it so far and there are so many babies in our neighborhood. P should have plenty of friends to play with as she gets older.

November 18, 2012


Not so much with the baby, instead with the job search. Moving across country entailed finding a new job. I am the primary breadwinner (for now) so, the pressure is on. May I just say, job searching sucks! I did not think it would take me this long to find something. Especially now that we are in NYC. I am just finding that I am either overqualified or underqualified for everything (according to interviewers). I am getting interviews. I have had six, in fact (not including second and yes, third interviews). I can apply for nearly the exact position at two different places and one person will think I'm missing experience and the other person will think that I will be bored. It is terrible and awful and I am really getting worried for our future. It isn't like I can just find any job either. Childcare is upwards of $15 an hour here, so it has to be something that is worth me going to work. I guess the flipside is that I get to spend more time with PJ....which I am loving.

PJ is doing great. She has discovered her hands and spends most of the time with them shoved in her mouth. She is making a lot of noise and loves bathtime. She's also getting big! She was 12 lbs and 23.5 inches at her 12 week appointment. I can't wait to see how much she has grown at her next appointment. Overall, she is an extremely easy to take care of and happy baby. We got really lucky. Cloth diapering and bfing are both going easier then expected as well. I have been thinking a lot about giving her a sibling and how we are going to go about doing this. I don't want it to happen any time soon but I think me and Mr. F came to the agreement that if we didn't get lucky naturally by the time I hit 36 (2.5 more years) then we will really sit down and figure it out. I can definitely say, however, that I want to give PJ a sibling. I am loving every second of having her with us. It's seems a bit crazy to consider next steps now...but it took us 3 years to get her here.

October 10, 2012

Birth Story

We knew after our 40 week appointment that PJ might be coming out whether she wanted to or not. My blood pressure was creeping up and I was given the red jug to take home. When I returned to the doctors office 2 days later my blood pressure was still high (about 140/100). I also had elevated protein in my urine (I was about 3 points over the cutoff). So, my doctor told me to have some lunch and head to the hospital. I would be induced that day. Mr. F and I took our time having lunch and finishing last minute things at the house and then headed into the hospital.

I had hoped for a natural birth but that plan quickly went out the window. When I got to the hospital I was told that I would get a dose of miso. I have had to use this medication before and wasn't thrilled with the option but that's the only one I was given. After the dose was administered I was then told water labor was out of the question. I would need to be hooked up to machines to monitor my blood pressure. My labor progressed rather quickly. My contractions went from non-existent to less than a minute apart. I had no way to relieve the pain (I wasn't allowed to get up and walk around/no labor tub/etc). After my water broke the pain was excruciating. So, I opted for the epidural. I was never staunchly against the epi but I had hoped the water labor, walking, etc would help delay or perhaps prevent the need. Without these things available for pain relief, there was just no way. It took the nurse 4 tries to get the epidural in and I was left with a large bruise on my spine for a few weeks--but it worked. Immediate pain relief. The epi was turned off before I got ready to push, I wanted to feel that and it seemed to work.

I actively labored for about 21 hours. I never needed any pitocin. Once my water broke, my body did what it needed to do. I pushed for 2 hours and PJ was here. She was born with a full head of hair (which she still has) and spent the first hour of her life on my chest. It's been wonderful thus far and we're so happy to have her.

October 7, 2012

My return (aka we finally have internet again)

Wow, I've let way too much time pass in between posts. I still owe a birth story (and I will get that up). I also need to catch up on my blog reading/commenting. I have a good excuse for disappearing. There was the baby, then the moving (which consisted of a 12 hour flight and a 20 hour car ride), then the moving in (nightmare), and finally the unpacking and setting up. We just finally got the internet to start working.

We are doing well here. PJ is 8 weeks old now (crazy)! She gets cuter and more human like every day. She just took her first bottle yesterday--she wanted nothing to do with them before then. So, I may actually be able to return to work at some point here. We are settled in NYC and I'm currently job searching--which is awful--nothing like six years ago. Other than that, just enjoying PJ. It is remarkable how much she changes from week to week.

August 16, 2012

She's Here!

Baby PJ was born on August 11, 2012 after 27 hours at the hospital. I'll share more of my birth story later. She was 8 lbs 6.9 oz (though I'm sure the massive amounts of fluid I was given helped that number). Her head is huge 91st percentile. Birth was an experience and not what I wanted or how I envisioned it but I'm happy with how it turned out. PJ is adorable and we are spending our time just getting to know her. I promise to share the whole story soon.

August 10, 2012

Induction Time

Continuing with my pregnancy tradition, I have borderline protein in my urine. The cutoff is 300 and I'm at 315. So, I'll be heading out in a few hours here to start the induction process. I'm hoping it goes well, though I'm aware my plans for no pain medication may go out the window. Will update you once PJ is here.

August 9, 2012


PJ still hasn't made her entrance. It's making Mr. F and I very nervous. Mr. F is supposed to be on a plane on his way to NYC next Friday. So, we were hoping for earlier instead of later. I've been watching those on my blog role who were due after me give birth before me (congrats ladies!) and it's been tough. I want Mr. F to have as much time with her as possible before he needs to leave.

I spent the day in L&D yesterday. I had a regular appointment in the morning and was checked and found that I hadn't progressed from the last appt (they checked me last time because I had someone other then my normal midwife). My blood pressure was high and my feet/legs still swollen, so that coupled with GD got me sent in for testing. At L&D my blood pressure still wasn't stellar (hovering around 137/93) but apparently that's good enough for them as I was sent home. I'm doing a 24 hour urine collection now--which I would be surprised if it showed anything. I've never had anything more then trace amounts of protein in my urine. I have a follow-up appointment with a Dr on Friday.

I was told at L&D that I won't be allowed to go past 41 weeks (which is next Tuesday). I'm hoping that PJ will make her entrance well before then. I really don't want to be induced but also don't like the possible risks associated with GD--especially since it seems they don't plan on doing an additional BPP to check for placenta problems like I thought they were going to do. My plan for the next few days is to continue walking, eating spicy foods, and trying not to stress--while hoping for the best.

July 30, 2012

Still Waiting...

Almost 39 weeks (2 more days according to the drs office). I'm not surprised at all. Statistically speaking I know I'm likely to go over 40 weeks. I am starting to hope she comes soon though. Our schedule for moving  is regimented down to the last second. PJ delaying her arrival (past one week overdue) will delay plane tickets and Mr. F's departure for orientation. So, we are really hoping that she decides to come before then. 

Here's my complaining for the week--so skip if you don't want to hear it. I'm also in considerably more pain then before. I'm certain that the stress of moving and physically helping to move household items isn't helping. However, the bigger the baby gets the more the joint pain increases and the harder I'm finding it to move around. An hour long walk around the mall is about all I can handle these days and I hate it. I don't like feeling like I'm unable to do things...and that's currently how I'm starting to feel. 

Otherwise, things are going really well. The GD is firmly under control, still with diet only. I rarely have a number that is over and if it is it's usually by a few points. My exams have all been great--no cervix checks here though so no idea if I'm progressing--and PJ is measuring on track. I have another exam today, so hoping I see the same results. 

July 19, 2012

Almost there.

Yesterday marked 37 weeks (according to my drs office). I've been going through the normal testing and at this point everything is looking good. PJ has apparently decided, however, that she will not be coming out anytime soon. She is still high up with no signs of dropping. I'm fully expecting to go 41 weeks. Though, I hope she will come on her own before then so that I don't have to be induced. Pitocin seems as if it will throw off any delusions of a natural birth. Yes, that's my birth plan so far. Well, it's more of a see how it goes and stay flexible birth plan. If all possible, however, I would like to give birth without drugs. I also plan on using the labor (not birthing) tub at our hospital. I really like water and I am hoping it will help me a lot with pain management. Crazy how real this is getting now.

In my spare time me and Mr. F have been furiously packing up our apartment. It's a lot of work to move from one side of the country to the other. We are hoping to have everything done/sold within the next week or two so that we are both able to relax a bit before PJ comes. Everyone keeps telling me how brave I am--quitting my job, moving, having a baby, looking for a new job--but I think my response that I'm just crazy is a bit more accurate.

June 15, 2012

Meds and Other Things...

What does everyone do with their leftover meds? I've been holding on to them because I was worried I might need them again. However, as we get ever closer to PJ's arrival, I'm finding myself a lot more confident. I've got 4-6 doses of menopur, an unopened bottle of PIO, 10 or so Climara patches, and 8 or so vials of crinone. And, I don't know what to do with them. What has everyone else done with theirs?

Mentioning meds, I found out that I have GD. I'm super borderline which makes me feel a bit better. So far, so good on the GD diet. All of my numbers have been within target--without meds. So, I'm hoping I'm one of the lucky one's with GD and can stay away from additional meds or insulin. I've spoken at length with my Dr's office about how this will affect my pregnancy. Right now, they are hopeful it won't have any affect. I'm measuring on track and they won't force induction unless something changes and/or I need to go on insulin and it affects my placenta. So, that gives me even more impetus to make sure I'm following the dietary recommendations.

I've been really busy the last few weeks. I'm finishing up two classes for my degree. So, I'm out the door at 7am and don't get home until about 9:30pm. I've only got 2 more weeks though, so I'm hoping I can continue and push through to the end. We are also working on packing and getting all of our stuff moved out of our apartment. We are headed to New York City shortly after PJ's arrival. So, there is much upheaval in our household right now (and no cute nursery updates). Anyways, hope you are all well. I look forward to having more time (ha!) to catch up.

May 29, 2012

Time flies...

I'm already almost 30 weeks! My next goal is 32 weeks and then I'm just going to focus on getting everything done before PJ decides to arrive. I've been crazy busy trying to finish the last 2 classes for my masters degree. I leave at 7am for work and don't return home until 9:30pm. My classes are 6 weeks long and I still have 5 to go. I've begun counting down already.

I may or may not have GD. I failed my one hour and got to go in to take the lovely three hour. I rushed in last Wed morning wanting to get it out of the way--and begin diet/tracking if I indeed had it. Well, I get my results via computer and my midwife said no call means nothing to worry about. My results were confusing. I failed the fasting (before the drink by 2 points). I failed the 1 hour but I passed the 2 hour and 3 hour. My test results say that you must pass 2 after taking the glucola drink--which makes me think I've passed. However, dr. g.oogle leads me to believe I failed. There has been no call from my midwife's office....so I took things into my own hands and emailed her. I'm still waiting for a reply.

Other than that, I am just moving along. Pregnancy has been pretty kind to me and I hope that trend continues. PJ is really moving in there now and Mr. F has been able to feel her a few times--which is really awesome!

May 9, 2012

First Shower, Defenses, a BabyMoon, and 27 weeks

Time seems to be going by very quickly. I hope that continues to be the case when I am at the end and just wanting to meet this little girl. We have been extremely busy which certainly is helping this pregnancy speed by.

We had our first baby shower last weekend. It was hosted by a close friend of mine and she did a fabulous job. She hand made all the decorations and they were adorable. We got a sea creature theme (Mr. F studies them). About 30 friends and family were there to celebrate and they were extremely generous. PJ now has many new outfits, blankets, books, diapers, and toys. Now, I just need to sit down and get the thank-you cards written.

In addition, Mr. F is now officially Dr. F. He finished his graduate degree and he is finally back to normal. It's been a stressful couple of months for him and you could visually see the stress lift from him after he finished his defense.  I am almost done with my graduate degree. I have 2 more classes to finish this summer before PJ comes.

We have also booked our babymoon. We will be doing a tour of all the major Hawaiian Islands. I've been to many before but there are still things we wanted to do on each of them. So, off we will go the first week in July. I am very much looking forward to my last bit of relaxation.

Finally, I'm 27 weeks today. 28 weeks is my next milestone. So, almost there. I am feeling really great. I have no major complaints. I have a little carpal tunnel (I think) in my hands and sometimes my back is sore...but otherwise I am functioning completely like normal! I know there is still time to develop the awesome things (like hemorrhoids) but so far, so good.