November 22, 2011

One Good Embryo

That's the news I was greeted with at the REs office. One is better then none...but still disappointing when starting with so many. The CGH results were interesting. Only four of my embryos carried an unbalanced translocation. The others had various problems with other chromosomes. One thing we did learn is that my eggs are jacked. If this doesn't work we aren't going to do another cycle with my eggs. We will be moving straight to donor egg.
The embryo we transferred is of very high quality (exactly what it's graded I'm not sure). I was only told that it's an early stage blastocyst and that it looks beautiful. It's a girl. My first beta is on Tuesday.

Going Crazy....Waiting

So far, so good....there's been no phone call. However, my REs office has only been open for 20 minutes and I doubt they would have jumped immediately to my file and results of my chromosome testing. Every time my phone vibrates (I have a blackberry and get a lot of email so it vibrates a lot) I'm sure that it is the phone call of doom to tell me there were no good embryos. Dang, and I've been so zen up to this point. I've asked for no information and received no information---other than the initial fertilization results. Send some good thoughts up for me ladies. Really hoping I get to transfer something.