February 2, 2013

Blogging Goes out the Window

I really wish that I had more time to blog. However, some days I find it difficult to find the time to even go to the bathroom. So, blogging has pretty much been out of the question. Luckily for me, today is lazy Saturday. Mr F and baby P are both still sleeping (it's 10:30 here!). So, I am finally able to sit down, catch-up and update.

Things are going great here. P is steadily growing. At her last appointment she was above 75% for both height and weight--so she's not a tiny girl. She has started sitting unsupported for brief amounts of time and just recently has started saying mama. She doesn't associate with me yet (I don't think) but it's adorable nonetheless. Generally, she is a joy to be around and is a fairly laid-back lady.

One thing we do need to figure out though, is a sleep schedule. We have been bed sharing but it's time for P to move to her crib. I think we are all ready. However, she's not having being in the crib alone for more than an hour or so. I'm not against CIO but I'd love to find something else that works if possible, first. It's been stressing me out and is next on my to do list.

I finally found a job (2 of them actually) in December. One would have paid a lot of money but been terrible in terms of hours and commuting. I probably would have been gone about 70 hours a week. The other was a much shorter commute and less hours/stress but paid significantly less. The old me would have snapped up the higher paying job stress be damned. The new me took the lesser paying job and couldn't be happier. It's still more then enough to pay the bills and leave time for fun but it also allows me to be home for P. I get to watch her grow up and I have time to pump at work (which was also an important consideration for us).

P spent her first days at the babysitter last week. Apparently she was an angel (not sure if I fully believe that). She spends 3 days a week there and 2 days with her daddy. Mr F has a very flexible schedule, so that has been extremely helpful as I've went back to work. Other than that, we are enjoying getting to know NYC. We are loving it so far and there are so many babies in our neighborhood. P should have plenty of friends to play with as she gets older.