July 9, 2011

Our Plan

Thanks so much for all of your advice yesterday. It was greatly appreciated. A common theme seemed to be that we should just go with our gut and do what we think we can live with...so that's what we're going to do. Last night Mr. F and I decided that "we will" be converting this cycle to an IUI if necessary---unless there is some medical reason why we shouldn't proceed. Just "not wanting to get me pregnant" is not enough of a reason for us. Yes, I have crappy eggs....but I also went thru multiple IUI cycles at this same clinic before proceeding to ivf. Nothing has changed since then. Since a new ivf cycle wouldn't fit into our schedule until October it seems reasonable not to waste the eggs I've made and give it a shot. Plenty of ladies with BTs hit the genetic lottery and maybe I can be one of them. Of course, we also decided that we are going to nail them down on will or won't insurance cover this. Insurance has had no problem covering my IUI/injectible cycles before (they have no cap). So, I'm not sure why this time would be different. I think my RE just isn't very familiar with insurance and coverage--that is left to the business people. I'm feeling a bit better now. Of course, I'm hoping the above is moot and I'll get to my appointment on Monday and my left ovary will have decided to get in the game. For those that asked, yes my meds have been increased. I started at 175iu F.ollistim/75 M.enopur and I'm now at 300iu F.ollistim and 75iu M.enopur. Apparently those are some pretty hefty doses for someone my age and with my antral follicle count. Which then makes me wonder if maybe I was oversurpressed?

July 8, 2011

Cancel or Not? Need advice.

Really needing some advice from any ivf "in the know" folks. I had my first ultrasound today (I've done stims 4 days now) and we saw 9 follicles on the right (about 4 measurable and all under 12) and 7 on the left (only 2 measurable and both under 10). Apparently, this isn't a great response so I got the dreaded cancellation talk. My RE wouldn't tell me one way or another whether or not I should cancel. Apparently he believes I will get about 16 follicles at this point...he would prefer 18-20. They were so worried about me hyperstimming that they used too low of a starting dose---this is the only thing he would do differently the second go round. Obviously I'm ticked....and depressed. I've seen ladies with my antral follicle count get 25-30+ eggs on the interwebs so it's depressing that I'm looking at 16. If I had normal chromosomes, I'd be ecstatic...not so much with my crappy eggs.

I currently have $2500 of meds in possession (and have used a lot of them). The RE said if we cancelled insurance may cover them--but that was a very unlikely may. So, if we cancel I now have to pay them $2500 for meds plus $2000 for a new cycle and then get to start this crap all over again. I know for those of you that don't have insurance that this seems like very little to pay--but my dilemma this entire time has been donor eggs abroad vs. ivf with my own eggs. We decided to do ivf with my own eggs first because we could process so inexpensively. With the extra $2500 tacked in this cuts into our donor egg budget (back-up if this doesn't work). Our new cycle wouldn't start until October. As far as converting the current cycle to an IUI--the RE is against it. We don't want to get me pregnant with my crappy eggs. So, this would all be a waste of time, money, etc. Right now (since I'm already paying for the meds) we've decided to keep stimming until Monday and then go back and see if there is any progress. Beyond that, I'm just at loss for what to do...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

July 7, 2011

First E2 level

They told me it's on the low side (ahhh!). It's 284--off to furiously search google. I'm upping my f.ollistim dose to 300iu and Menopur is staying at 75iu this evening. Really hoping this doesn't mean the cycle is doomed.

July 4, 2011

Cd3..Starting Stims

Stims start for me this evening. I will be using F.ollistim 175iu and M.enopur 75iu. I've bumped my L.upron dosage down to 5iu. I'm also going to be starting an antibiotic tomorrow and d.examethasone. I'm going to be taking 5 different medications at once--which is a bit scary. I had a really quick baseline ultrasound today and they eyeballed about 17 follicles. I'm hoping that number will increase as stims increase. My next appointment is Thursday and I'll update you all again then. Below is a picture of the meds currently in my possession. I'll get more--including pio--when needed.