November 18, 2011

Fert Report Results

25 Eggs
21 Mature
19 Fertilized

Hooray! I have 19 embryos growing in the lab. I won't hear anything again from the clinic until Monday when they call to set up my transfer. I am able to call them if I want to check-in on the embryos but am thinking I don't want to do this. Too much stress worrying about the day to day results and what they mean. I'll either have embryos to transfer on Tuesday or I won't. Stressing about it all weekend isn't going to change the results. (I'm zen now but we will see how I'm feeling this weekend)!
Thanks for all your support thus far. It's been amazing.

November 17, 2011

They Got Some Eggs

25 to be exact. We are thrilled and hoping for an amazing fert report tomorrow! I'm at home resting but feeling really good. Tomorrow can't get here fast enough.

November 15, 2011

Retrieval Scheduled

It will be Thursday am. Still lots of follies today. The biggest was around 20 and most fell into the 17-18 range. E2 was 2100 yesterday--apparently gan.irelix is supposed to lower e2. I'm wondering if I should be nervous...
Onto trigger this evening. The nurse gave us a nice big mark to put the shot into. Can't believe that I'm finally here...dang it's been a long haul.

November 14, 2011

Trucking Along

These follies are growing slow! My RE keeps telling me that its common with the protocol I'm on and that all my follies are close together which is awesome. I guess Gani.relix will slow the largest ones down. Apparently my ovaries are kicking this cycle, which was nice to hear. I've got 15 around 17-18 and 9 right behind at 15-16. I'm going for another appointment tomorrow to see where we are at. At the earliest retrieval will be Thursday but it's looking more likely that it will be Friday.

Wanted to send a congrats to my fellow BT'er Stinky who found out today that she had a healthy embryo to transfer and is now PUPO!