August 14, 2010

And We Have A Plan.

Finally, we have a plan. After multiple visits and tests with the RE, MFM, and Genetics Office we've come to an agreement. Here it is: For the next two cycles I will try to get pregnant on my own. RE is fairly confident that we will be able to get pregnant in that time span. If I am lucky, we will support the pregnancy via progesterone and hopefully all will proceed well. If I miscarry again, then we will move onto IUI and fertility meds for a few cycles. The hope here is that more eggs may allow us to catch a good one (finally). If this still doesn't work then we will look to IVF and PGD. Our insurance company will hopefully cover this for us--or we will not be able to afford it. I'm hoping, however, that we never get to that point. Of course, I'm hoping that this next pregnancy will work out and we'll finally have our take home baby. So, now I try getting pregnant. I haven't ovulated yet this cycle but it should be coming soon.

I'm really happy that we finally have a plan. Even better, it is pretty similar to what my husband and I had discussed when we have talked about how to proceed. IVF for us is a last resort and we're hoping that we will have luck before then. I feel much better now that I now how we are proceeding and am feeling supported by our RE. In the meantime, I'm trying not to stress about baby making. We're planning some vacations and hoping to get away for awhile. Try to relax and de-stress.