August 28, 2010

On to Next Month

Sigh.. I was soo hoping that I would be lucky, hit the jackpot and get pregnant this month. Apparently that wasn't in the cards. After every symptom in the book AF came on time. Now, I get to start all over again and hope that next month will be the month. If so, it'll bring me right back to when I got pregnant last September at what was the start of this never-ending journey. I was oblivious then to my future struggles. When the lines on the HPT continued to get darker and I had no spotting or bleeding I assumed everything was going to be ok. Then, I get to my appt at 8 weeks and find out there is only a sac and I'm assumed to have a blighted ovum. Fluke, right? Now after 2 more miscarriages there are days when hope is really hard to find. Sometimes I get so sick of the temping, charting, timing, etc....for what? This is the last month I have to try to get pregnant on my own before the RE recommends trying IUI and fertility drugs. I'd like to give it one more all natural shot...If only there was a mirror to look into the future. Sometimes I think that would just make everything so much easier.