October 30, 2010

This Time Last Year

I learned that my pregnancy was a blighted ovum. Instead of getting to go out with friends for Halloween and have fun, I spent the night on the couch waiting for the cytotec to work. I have to say, that has kind of ruined Halloween for me. This year I find myself not really being able to get excited about it. I'm going out tonight but afraid that I'm going to be miserable to be around.

In less depressing news, we are changing my protocol this cycle. Instead of using just clomid we're adding injectibles. My insurance won't cover fertility medication but my RE thinks he can get me samples for a couple of cycles--which is awesome! Apparently my last cycle I only had one good egg and my lining was thin. I wish they would have told me this then because I was thinking I had two eggs and my lining was ok. I guess they probably don't want to cause anxiety...but I was really disappointed when the last cycle didn't work. I would have been less so if I had known going in that things weren't looking that great.


  1. i came over from lisainSK's blog and im so sorry to hear your news, and to read your timeline. im sending you some peace tonight. i have had cytotec twice. once when my twins were born at 20 weeks, and one for a d&c last month. it brought on some pretty strong cramps for me. i hope that your experience is as painless as possible and again, i am just so sorry for this loss of your baby.

  2. p.s. i may have extra meds for you. when you know what you are going to take. i have some follistim (2cartriges, a pen, and a lil extra in a few cartriges) menopur (not sure how many). i also have extra PIO if you are going to do progesterone injects. they r all urs if you want/need em!

  3. So hopeful that a year from now things will be better. Happy Halloween to you. Hopeful that next cycle will yield more eggs and a better lining.