September 28, 2010

And Another Negative

So, my period was two days late and I spotted starting at 5 dpo. I'm pretty sure I saw a faint line at 10 dpo and then nothing. So, maybe another chemical. Sigh...
With that news we've decided to move onto clomid/iui. I feel like I need to try something, anything different. The hope is we'll get more eggs and regulate my cycle/progesterone at the same time. Maybe with more eggs we will finally catch a good one?! That's the hope anyways. I'll be starting the process on Thursday with an ultrasound. I'm a little nervous as I was hoping not to get to this point. We are lucky though that we have decent insurance coverage and I feel like we should give it a shot now while we are able. Of course, I'll let you know how this goes and document the process.


  1. So sorry about the BFN :(

    I think I have commented before but not sure if I left this link. I wanted to recommend that you check out and maybe join this yahoo group:

    My husband and SIL have BT and it's been a really helpful resource for us.

  2. My husband has a pericentric inversion- another type of chromosomal issue. (I'm assuming yours affects two chromosomes? His just affects #2- there's more detailed info on our blog...)

    From what we learned, PGD is actually extremely helpful. At the very least, it determines which embryos are chromosomally normal and which aren't.

    Our last cycle, we were extremely successful in determining just that... unfortunately, other completely seperate complications caused another loss. The good news? Upon testing the miscarried fetus, the PGD was correct and it was 'normal'.

    I hope your next cycle goes well.