February 12, 2011

IUI #5

Is all over. We did well this cycle. At least 4 eggs and possibly up to 6; great sperm counts 70 million and 35 million. Now, I wait once again.

I can't say I'm feeling overly optimistic this cycle. It seems like everything aligned correctly but with four failed cycles under my belt--let's just say I'm not thinking this is going to be the magical cycle. Besides the 2ww hanging over my head, I've really not got a lot else going on. School is kicking my butt but that's normal. Otherwise, living a pretty stress free existence.

Still going to accu every week. It continues to be a super relaxing event and I look forward to it each week. I've also started running again. Not running hasn't helped me get or keep a pregnancy, so I'm thinking I'm going to revert back to how I was when we were getting pregnant easily. I'm going to run, eat well, and continue to focus on myself. So far I've managed to lose 20 pounds of gained drug, pity, and miscarriage weight. I still have about 30 to go before I'm happy with myself. One day at a time.


  1. I hope you're surprised and this cycle works! I think continuing to run is a great idea - like you said, it didn't keep things from working in the past, and it'll help keep you sane.

    As far as acupuncture goes - I still go almost every week. I shouldn't be spending the money, but it is SO relaxing!

  2. Cycles are weird. Everything can look great and then nothing, month after month. But the truth is that the dice may very well roll the other way for you this time around. I hope so. There's something especially galling about not getting pregnant after recurrent loss (I know).

    And I hear you on the running. I quit it at my doctor's advice but it was actually only when I was running that I got pregnant without the help of science. Makes me wonder.

  3. I love Acupuncture! I'm with you on the relaxing part of it. It always makes me feel rejuvenated and I feel like I can conquer most anything afterwords.

    I have all my cross-able appendages crossed for you. I hope that this IS IT FOR YOU! <3

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Also keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!