March 11, 2011

Still Here

I haven't heard anything from my REs office yet. Have to say that I expected this. I thought about calling but decided against it. I will go in for surgery next month and I'll ask then. If they haven't spoke to the genetics lab yet then I'm telling them we are waiting until July. This is for a couple of reasons. First, we are going on vacation to Asia in June and I'd prefer (when this works) not to be only a few weeks along at this point. Second, my health savings account plan starts over on july 1. So, I could use pre-tax dollars to pay my insurance co-pays. I'll let you all know soon what I find out.

I went to accup. yesterday and apparently there is a huge change in my pulses. We're speculating that this is because my body is currently drug free. I also ovulated either yesterday or today (according to cb.efm) on cd 14 or 15. This is a huge improvement for me as previously I was ovulating around cd 23. I'm excited to see what if any changes will be made to my luteal phase this cycle.

Other than that, life goes on. The break from drs appointments has been wonderful and I'm happy to not have to try to fit drs appointments around work and life.


  1. Its great when things fall into place timing-wise. Hope this all works out with the insurance and holidays.
    Where are you going in Asia? Sounds exciting, holidays ftw

  2. Breaks are good!! Go and enjoy it...

  3. I'm glad that you've been able to enjoy the break from everything. It sounds like you have an exciting trip coming up this summer and a great plan for when you get home. Good luck!

  4. I'm really glad that you're enjoying the time away from the doctor's office. I hope that it's restorative for you, so that you can come out swinging (and a trip to Asia sounds pretty restorative, too!).

    Doctor's offices. Amazing, sometimes, their turnaround times in returning calls.