July 2, 2011

Almost There....

Stims start on Monday. I go in tomorrow for my first blood draw. Ivf is currently underway. I've been trying to do a bit of research into common stim dosages for ivf cycles. Mine seems really low to me. I'll be on 175iu F.ollistim and 75iu M.enopur for the first 4 days and then I'll have another blood test. It's really important that I get a lot of eggs so that hopefully at least one (please more than that) will get thru cgh and come back normal. I'm interested to see what the rest of you think about the dosage level and/or what dosages you were on.

In non ivf related news, my sister had her baby. I am an aunt again. I get to go home in a few months to visit and see the baby. It'll be hard but I'm happy for her and excited to be an aunt. Also, happy to say that my headaches have been getting better. Apparently my body is getting used to the L.upron. My legs, however, are not happy with the cluster of bruises that have sprung up on them. I must not be a very good shot giver!


  1. I started out on 225 units of Bravelle (same medication as the F.ollistim) and 75 units of M.enopur. My estrogen levels were slow to rise and we upped to 300 units of Bravelle on cycle day 4, and continued that through the end. There was talk of moving me back down to a lower dosage based on ultrasound, but estrogen levels remained very reasonable so we carried on.

    So, your starting point seams reasonable to me. Our doctor prefers to start out slow and then ramp up if need be, because that's more easily done than the reverse.

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck. I've just started a cycle as well.

  3. Good luck thirties girl!!!!