October 7, 2012

My return (aka we finally have internet again)

Wow, I've let way too much time pass in between posts. I still owe a birth story (and I will get that up). I also need to catch up on my blog reading/commenting. I have a good excuse for disappearing. There was the baby, then the moving (which consisted of a 12 hour flight and a 20 hour car ride), then the moving in (nightmare), and finally the unpacking and setting up. We just finally got the internet to start working.

We are doing well here. PJ is 8 weeks old now (crazy)! She gets cuter and more human like every day. She just took her first bottle yesterday--she wanted nothing to do with them before then. So, I may actually be able to return to work at some point here. We are settled in NYC and I'm currently job searching--which is awful--nothing like six years ago. Other than that, just enjoying PJ. It is remarkable how much she changes from week to week.