June 11, 2010

My Foray Into Blogging

So, I've decided to start a blog. Mostly, I'm starting this blog to chronicle my trials and hopefully triumphs in the baby department. I was recently diagnosed with a balanced translocation (after 4 miscarriages) and have quickly realized that it's not going to be easy to have a baby.
That being said, I don't want this blog to be all doom and gloom. So, I plan to talk about my other interests and life activities as well. I like books, a lot...and I'll probably mention those I'm reading throughout the course of my blog. My current plan is to read all 100 of the Modern Library's books. So far, I've read 5 (Lolita, 1984, Animal Farm, A Room with A View, and The Call of the Wild).

1 comment:

  1. Here from LFCA - welcome to the blogging world! I started my blog about a month ago after a m/c - I'm so sorry to hear you've had to deal with that 4 times, and then learned that your genetics are conspiring against you.

    It is hard, when blogging about issues like this to keep the blog from becoming all about too much sadness. I'm starting to find a balance, but most of my posts still feel sad. Hopefully things will get better for us both! I'll be following along. :)