July 12, 2010

Current Ruminations

I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and it was wonderful. Even more exciting, I come back to visit my blog and I have comments! Thanks so much for your support. I thought for sure I would be mostly writing this to myself. Mr F and I had a great break from work and thinking about babies. We visited family and friends that we haven't seen for awhile. I was a bit worried as there were a lot of new babies to visit. My best friend and her 3 day old son, my husbands cousins 5 month old, and my new 5 month old nephew. I wasn't sure how I would handle being around them all but I'm happy to say I did really well. It definitely reaffirmed my desire to have our own children. I also found out that several cousins on my mothers side are having difficulty conceiving. My mother is fairly certain that the BT is from her and now my extended family is wanting to be tested for this as well. I'm hoping for all of them that they aren't affected as my journey thus far hasn't been fun.

On the doctor front I visit the specialist on Wednesday to determine exactly "how bad" my balanced translocation is and what the likelihood of us having a biological child will be. Our RE is pushing us towards IVF w/PGD but doesn't want to battle with the insurance company until we figure out exactly what our odds are. I'm torn as the opinions of whether IVF w/PGD is the best option for a BT are extremely varied. Not to mention this procedure is extremely expensive. So, many unknowns. Many times I think it would be wonderful if we could just be told that something will or not work with 100% accuracy.

I said I would talk about books as well and I've read a lot of them recently. 20 hours on planes and in airports provides a lot of time to read. I'm recently really into fantasy, including stories about vampires. I also like mysteries. While I was gone I read grave sight by Charlene Harris and quite enjoyed it. I also read the vampire chronicles as I hadn't yet read the series. I wasn't overly impressed as I think I had hyped it up far too much in my mind. Finally, I rounded my reading off with the morganville vampire series. They are written for young adults--but I have to admit I'm ok with that. Overall an enjoyable first two books and I'm looking forward to reading the next few.

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