November 17, 2010

8dpiui or crazytown

I've convinced myself that I'm pregnant this cycle. Earlier I had red spotting for one wipe. Now my nipples are on fire. The only possible conclusion, I'm pregnant. After all, I more then deserve it. The only thing I had going for me before (we're talking ttc here) is that I could get pregnant fairly easily. Now, I'm not even doing that. It's been 6 months since my last miscarriage. I know that for many this doesn't seem like a long time. But, for me, it feels like a lifetime.

I guess I feel like if I get pregnant easily then I am better able to withstand the 10 miscarriages that might happen before I get my first take home baby. If I can't get pregnant easily then it just puts me that much farther away from my goal. And so I hope, that this is the cycle. I read way too much into symptoms that could just be leftover from the hcg trigger or the fertility medications I was on earlier this cycle. It's going to be a big disappointment if this cycle didn't work. We leave for vacation on Wednesday and depending on when AF shows up, we may have to sit out next cycle (med wise). Man, I hope this is it.


  1. Hey thirtiesgirl,

    I know what you mean. I went two years in between my two miscarriages. It was awful! But in my heart of hearts truly believed that conception was occurring - meaning an embryo was formed most every cycle. I have no proof but I have no proof otherwise to suggest that it wasn't. So in your case I am hopeful there is more going on than what you may know about. You could very well have had a chemical pg this month. Apparently it takes up to 10dpiui for the HCG trigger to wear off. But it also takes about 7dpiui for an embryo to form to blast, hatch out (5-6 days) and then about 48 hours later to implant. So about 7-8dpiui. You might only be able to detect HCG on a HPT 2-4 days after that. But here's hoping there is more behind the scenes than you know. I'll keep holding out hope that your miracle is just around the corner. If your translocation is Robertsonian - then your chances are better that a normal or balanced embryo will form. If your translocation is Non-Robertsonian (like mine is) then it will take longer as it is more difficult at meiosis for a normal or balanced embie to be created. Based on the frequency of you m/c's I'd guess that you have a Robertsonian translocation.

  2. Hello, I know the feeling. Every month I cross my fingers and hope that I will get pregnant. It takes me about one year in between each miscarriage to get pregnant. I've had 5 total. My last one was Oct 7th 2010 :-( The first time I was pregnant was Februray 2006. I know how unbearable the wait is to find out if pregancy has occured or not. I have balanced translocation between chromosome 5 and 10. My stats were sent to an expert genetic clinic in New York and according to their report I should be able to get pregnant with a healthy baby and they gave me a 30% failure 70% success rate. But so far...... 100% miscarriage :-( We are doing more testings now to see if there is anything else going on.
    I really hope that it works out for you this cycle!!!! I keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Lil' Frenchie--Not sure if you'll check back here but wanted to say hi and thanks for posting. Sorry for your recent loss--this bt thing really sucks doesn't it. I also had my stats sent to Dr. T and got the same results as you. Obviously my track record isn't matching those stats. I've had tons of testing done and nothing else is wrong with me. Just the luck of the draw I guess. Hope you'll keep in contact.

  4. The signs look good - and you DO deserve it! Fingers crossed for a BFP!

  5. Thirstiesgirl- I'll definitely keep in touch. It is finally nice to being able to talk to someone about this condition. Although I have very understanding friends and family, it is good to being able to share thoughts with people who have been through the same thing!