November 4, 2010

Follie Update

So, not so good news to report. My lining is crap 6.8. I was put on estrogen patches to see if that helps thicken it at all. I've got 3 follies: 17, 13, and 10, plus a bunch of smaller ones that apparently don't count.

I was assertive today and told my RE that I don't understand why we're going for only 1-2 eggs. Apparently this is normal protocol for someone my age with RPL. After a bit of arguing we may have found some common ground. I understand where she's coming from as well but it seems pretty evident to me that most of my eggs are crap. So, I guess I'll see how my protocol changes next cycle. Already feeling pretty bummed about this one.


  1. Hey thirtiesgirl...I have a pericentric inversion (non-roberstonian translocation) too and am not a great lining maker and I also don't track alot of follies. I found it interesting that your RE says this is common with ppl with RPL...the three geneticists I spoke with said it was unclear but I always figured it was. So thanks for posting that.

    Anyway...I do not make alot of natural estrogen. I am on patches (up to 4 now) and 1mg estrace vaginally once per day. It greatly improved my lining. Was at 7.7 mm and now at 9.9 mm. As far as help there. I was in the same boat you are but in time decided to pursue DE. Not at all suggesting that's what you do but just make sure you feel as though you exhaust all your options and I am hopeful that you will get a miracle out of the follies you do have. I understand your devastation and disappointment and won't blow sunshine up your behind but I am here and supporting you and know what you are going through. I will remain hopeful for the follies you do have.

  2. OH and another test would be to test your anti-mullarian hormone. It is a hormone that can be tested at anytime throughout your cycle and is a better indicator of ovarian reserve and egg quality. My AMH was 1.0 and my clinic wants to see it above 1.2. So it was a key test as we decided between IVF with my own eggs or IVF with DE. I largely wish all RE's could test EVERY woman's AMH before undergoing IVF. It is a much better predictor of ovarian reserve and quality than FSH falls under the "normal" range.