November 5, 2010


Nope, not me instead my little sister. Who apparently wasn't planning on trying until January and was shocked she got pregnant so easily! She's 7 weeks along now. This is farther then I've got in any pregnancy (other than my blighted ovum). She's majorly sick (like to the er sick) so I'm sure this is going to stick for her. When she told me this morning my heart literally sank. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for her...but also devastated. I've always been a really strong person but today is the first day I really cried about our infertility. It's just not fair that what comes so easily to what feels like everyone else is so hard for me. Even worse, my sister didn't even ask if I was ok or how I was handling the news. Just started crying and talking about how sick she has been. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to keep going from here but I know that I need to. We're never going to maintain a pregnancy if we don't just keep trying. If only this wasn't so hard.


  1. So so sorry. I recommend you get in touch with R from One Egg Please. She and I are good friends and she is under my blog list. Her little sister too announced her pregnancy to her when R was pg in May/June of this year. Sadly, R lost her baby at 6weeks. She was just a couple weeks behind her little sister. So R has the constant reminder of where she should be everytime she sees her - they live 2 mins away. OH and her sister tried for like a month. I worried about this happening with my younger sister too but she is now going through a divorce. So I think I can rest easy for a while. But yeah...a sibling pg announcement would be the worst.

  2. I know how much this sucks right now. It will get easier. I promise.

  3. im so sorry this is so hard. when i was pregnant (and SO unbelievably sick) my brother and his wife were also pregnant. we were so excited, talking and planning for the future. as this crazy world would have it, my babies were born the day before my gorgeous and healthy nephew. i mean, it was in a word, horrible. everything about it.
    R is right, it gets easier as things go along. and being sick, im sad to say, doesn't always=a healthy pregnancy or baby. i wish.
    just wanted you to know that i understand where you are coming from. i was supposed to raise my children alongside my brother, not be waiting on baited breath for the announcement that they're trying for a 2nd. but here we are, right? sigh

  4. I'm so sorry. And news like just hits you in the gut. It just does. My fingers are very crossed for you that you will (at long last) be able to share similar news.

    The trying thing. It IS so very hard. And sucky that it's the only way. But one of these times...and why not this time?