November 30, 2010

A Relaxing Thanksgiving

I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. We ate until we could eat no more and visited a couple restaurants we were really excited about trying. Of course, the vacation flew by and it was extremely difficult to return to work on Monday morning.

I had my first follie appointment on Monday. I'm doing pretty well. My lining is 6.7 (hoping that increases by my next appointment on Thursday). I have four follies (2 on each side) that are around the same size and 6-10 that are not far behind. Of course, I got the speech about possible cancellation if there are too many--but my RE seems to be behind being more aggressive this cycle. So, hopefully on Thursday there will be 4 eggs and a perfect lining. A girl can dream, right?

My sister had her first scan and all is well. Her due date is the day after my birthday. Really, really hoping that I'm successfully pregnant by that point.


  1. Let's keep positive, I know it's hard... but let's try. I am exactly in the same situation. Me, it's not my sister who is pregnant, but my bestfriend, with baby #2. It is hard because she is almost due and me I lost one on XMas eve last year. I thought that I would be pregnant again at this time. But I stay positive..... it will happen!!!! I am glad you guys had a nice time!

  2. All the best thirtiesgirl!! Glad Vegas was a blast!

  3. Hey there I have a BT as well! WOuld love to share war stories. You can find me or on twitter @chancesour or . I hope to hear from you. We are at the end of our journey. We have a lil one from iui before we knew about it all. I have a very bad translocation. Since her birth we also have had four miscarriages and had 28 unviable embryos.