December 4, 2010

Holy follicles!

So my IUIs are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday morning. I get to give myself my trigger shot tomorrow morning. This will be the first time I give myself this shot, so I'm a little nervous. I think the timing will be better, however, then the past IUIs. Usually my clinic gives the trigger the same time as IUI #1 which has never made much sense to me.

My lining is crazy thick 14mm. I consulted dr. google and am a bit concerned that it may be too thick. Opinions seem to widely vary. So, for the follies...I have 3 above 18. 2 currently at 16 and 1 at 13. I'm hoping that the 2 at 16 will catch-up and research makes it seem like they probably will. So, anywhere from 3-5 follies. Yea! My RE is a little nervous about letting me trigger with this many follies. However, because I have such crappy eggs I'm not really worried about multiples.

I've been reading others stories about their IUIs and it seems like most ladies have blood tests done to test E2 levels. I've never had this done and am curious as to why. Another question to ask my RE. Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Thirtiesgirl, sounds like a very promising cycle indeed! I wouldn't worry about your lining thickness...I think over 18 and it gets a bit worrisom but otherwise sounds nice and PLUSH! Good luck...

  2. i asked this same question as i had read that the number of e2 levels were a good way to know about how many eggs are mature. i asked the nurse at my last clinic and she said that isn't the case with IVF, (didn't ask why-maybe all the extra meds?) but with IUI 200=a mature follicle. so if you have an e2 level of 800 you should expect 4 mature eggs.

    hope that helps and remember i am far from a doctor :)

  3. Let's cross our fingers!!!! I'll be thinking about you!