December 14, 2010

Even in My Dreams...

Apparently I am a ttc crazy person. Last night I went to sleep without Mr. F (he was out with friends). When he came home he woke me up to give me a kiss goodnight. Apparently our conversation was nearly one sided and I was acting completely crazy. I told him that my eggs weren't done. He prodded me some more and apparently I said they needed to be fertilized. This is where he picked up that I wasn't talking about a breakfast item. He told me that he didn't know what I was talking about and started laughing at me. I got pissed and told him he knew what he needed to do and if he wouldn't do it just to leave me alone.
I remember before drifting off thinking about this cycle and how upset I would be if there wasn't a good egg out of 3-5 I had. So, I'm guessing this is where the crazy talk came from. In other news, I'm patiently sitting in the 2ww. I haven't tested once (which is a record for me). I'm planning on testing Friday morning--11dpo. Like every 2ww I've been obsessively tracking symptoms. I've had a lot of cramping this cycle and just today a nice temp spike. I'm not really sure how progesterone suppositories work but I've been on them since 2dpo. It seems kind of weird to me that my temp would spike now at 8dpo. (see obsessively symptom spotting). Anyways, will let you all know what Friday brings. I'm hoping it's two dark pink lines.


  1. Ugh...the stress you have been under must definitely be causing you to sleep talk!! I do it too when I'm under alot of stress. Hoping all these signs are good signs...good luck with POAS on Friday.

  2. You are not crazy! ha ha! I have done and said some weird things over the years and I was not even asleep! ha!
    I really hope for the best for you this cycle! Temp spike is good! Keep us posted on Friday!
    I understand what you are going through. It's a waiting game every cycles for me as well, trying to understand symptoms, etc.... it has to be a good egg in there! for you and for me ;-)