January 20, 2011

2 dpiui..

That's where I'm at right now. 2 days past my second IUI. I'm not really stressing out at all this cycle. Maybe that will change after I get to start inserting progesterone tomorrow. But, for now all is well in the world. No symptom tracking, no thinking about when the next time I get to poas will be, and no concerns about having to go through this all over again. Maybe the acupuncture really is helping me to be more zen.

It's made me really happy to see so many of my fellow bloggers getting their bfps (and for those of us still waiting--I'm pulling for you all). It makes me think it has to be my turn soon, right? Eventually I'll be one of those lucky ladies who after years of trials finally gets to make it through the milestones. A girl can dream...

Big thanks to Adverb! Because of her I finally got the gumption to add a date line to my blog. It bothered me as well but I just didn't make the time to fix it. Hope this makes it a bit easier to follow along on my journey.

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  1. And I wish that your dream comes true!!! Like you said, one day it will be you talking about your bfp! I have no doubt about it! I keep my fingers crossed for you!