February 23, 2011

11 dpiui

Yes, I tested. Is it positive? Who would know--it seems to be the story of my testing after IUIs. This time, I tested the trigger out of my system on internet cheapies. Mostly, because I was sick of seeing super, super faint lines around this time and wondering trigger or chemical. There was no line yesterday, the test was completely blank. Today, a super, super faint line. I will post it so you can all see (or more then likely not see) what I am talking about.  I hope you greatly appreciate that it is sitting on a TP roll--it's dry though I swear.

I'm not really feeling it though. I've been cramping since yesterday. Usually AF would be here today but due to the progesterone it is being held off. I have a horrible headache--also an AF symptom and my skin went haywire seemingly overnight. All signs point to AF. So, why IC must you torture me this way? Does this mean that I've been having chemical pregnancy after chemical pregnancy after IUI? It just seems so weird to me that the line would be gone yesterday and then come back (albeit lightly) to haunt me.


  1. Oh I think that means pg in my books!! Crossing fingers! And progesterone mocks AF symtoms...such a mind screw that stuff is!! Hang tight...

  2. I hope this is the beginning of darkening lines and a BFP that sticks!!!

  3. A Line is a line...I agree with Lisa. Hang on...hoping the line grows darker...