February 24, 2011

12dpiui and IVF/PGD

Well, I took a FRER this morning and it was starkly negative. The ic has the same faint line as yesterday. Not sure what to think. Normally this is the point where I would stop progesterone and let AF come. I decided, however, to give it one more day. If I get another faint line tomorrow I'm not taking any more progesterone. Sigh.

I'm starting to worry that there is something wrong with me besides the bt. The first year we were ttc I managed to get pregnant 3 times unassisted. This year I have got pregnant 0 times and this is with assistance. It seems strange to me that with the extra eggs, progesterone, and perfect timing nothing is sticking. Even if it only lasted a week--I could at least feel like something was happening.

Now the question is where do we go from here. Before I thought, I'll try this one more time. Now, I'm not so sure. We have awesome insurance. Even so, with co-pays and sperm washes we've spent $1500 on 5 iui's. Each of which has proved to be a big failure. I'm approved for IVF and PGD. For ladies without bt's--this is by no means a slam dunk for those of us with them. There are many, many stories of 20 plus fertilized eggs and not a single 1 that isn't affected with some chromosomal problem. Like I said, I have awesome insurance (which I am extremely grateful for) and IVF/PGD would cost us around $1200. We've got the money but I'm still hesitant. I'm not sure why..maybe fear or the thought of getting 0 good eggs. I'm leaning more towards going for it..Screw doing another IUI and bring out the big guns. Mr F and I will be moving sometime in the near future and more then likely this is the only time/place where we will be willing to do pgd. If we're going to spend big money it's going to be on a DE cycle--the odds are just much better there. So, what do you all think? Does anyone have any words of advice for me? They would be much, much appreciated.


  1. Considering that paying in full for one IVF/PGD cycle could run you $20,000....if you can do it for $1,200 I would do that in a heart beat. Yes, it might fail, which would be crushing emotionally, but not really financially. We are trying to wrap our heads around paying 20-30k for it right now (my dh has the BT and we have no coverage for IVF at all) and it is really hard.

  2. Hi, first time here. We also have a BT. We have had three biological children and two of them have passed away, one at age 3 and one at age 3 months just a couple weeks ago from ubt. If we had IVF/PGD covereage and was in your place I would do it RIGHT NOW. Like Janet said, we struggled with fears of spending 20-30K and getting no good eggs. (We ended up adopting and getting pg accidentally with Lily who just passed away.) We will adopt from here on out. Take the risk and do the IVF. Yes, you may not get any good eggs, yes, you may get good eggs and not get pregnant, but you gotta try!!!

  3. It's always in the back of mind as to when we should make the leap into IVF. All I can assume is that when I'm ready to do it, I'll know it. I know it's not an easy decision, but do what will bring you the most peace, or as much as possible.

  4. For me, the reason we did not do IVF/PGD was because it would have cost us at least $20,000 out of pocket. Then I found out that I would likely be a poor responder made us cringe - I release very few follies per month....and later on after that I found out I am a carrier of a second gene disorder?!! So we jumped to donor eggs. But if IVF/PGD only would have cost us $1500, we for sure would have did it just to say that we did it and if it didn't work then perhaps the move to DE would have been easier. So I think you need to feel like you've exhausted all your measures first before moving to DE as it will be easier psychologically for you. Also, for us, money is money but I just couldn't go through IVF with very few eggs knowing the odds were so stacked against us - the emotional cost was just too "expensive". But if it were that "cheap", we definitely would have done it...maybe even three cycles at $1500. But again emotional reserves dictates how many times you could undergo IVF w/ PGD.

  5. For us not doing IUI (leave alone IVF) was mostly emotional. I KNEW I couldn't deal with the stress. If you think you can deal with it emotionally, and the fact the cost will so, so reasonable, I say go for it.

  6. So you are a potential PGDer too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have the biopsy done on my embryos sometime next week (maybe Wednesday).

    It is rubbish that we have this extra step where we can lose more embryos isn't it? Though in my case I am very pleased that OGD exists so I can have a baby who doesn't have muscular dystrophy.

    Good luck whatever you end up doing.

  7. Hi Hon,

    I have been in your shoes and no matter what you choose to do, it's going to be the right decision for you and your family.

    Considering that you have WONDERFUL insurance and doing IVF w/ PGD would cost you $1500.00 I have to say why not!?

    It honestly doesn't matter if you do IVF w/ PGD or DE you are taking a risk with both. We did not do IVF w/ PGD because they don't do that "fancy" stuff in Nebraska. But we did do DE. We had 7 embryo's total and transferred 3 - BFN.

    Our DE cycle was a good 18k. We have 2 embryo's on ice and when our cycle failed the 18k was hard to swallow.

    I say start with this first and for whatever reason if this isn't it - keep trying if your insurance allows you. And if you only have one attempt and it doesn't work, you can at least say you tried.

    Either way, it's a risk. I know you'll make the right decision. ((hugs))

    Give me a shout if you ever need to talk. tarahville@cox.net

    ♥ T

  8. I think that as you know you have the BT and you have great insurance, PGD could probably be of enormous benefit to you. If it were me I think I would go for it.

    So sorry about the BFN. :(

  9. First, those ic's are hell. I've gotten false positive with them before, though if the line sticks around after drying (tres scientific, no?) these have not tended to be the false ones. I think your decision to keep at the progesterone for now is good, and I'm crossing fingers that the line gets darker and darker.

    Our first two conceptions were natural. But there have been months and months of assistance where we came up empty, every time. It's unspeakably frustrating, I know. I started looking at everything - what I was eating, what kind of lotion i was using, what my sleeping habit were - hoping that I'd be able to find something (SOMETHING!). Nope. Nothing.

    However, someone once told me the following when I started to get really concerned: it happened before, it WILL happen again. Statistics are on your side in this, though I also know that the positive test is only Step One.

    In terms of the PGD: we did this on our non-transfer IVF cycle (nothing was chromosomally normal...a very hard day when we learned). I have mixed feelings about it, and we opted not to do it again. For recurrent loss owing to various aneuploidies (our problem) ...the research just isn't there as far as those "take home baby" numbers. But we were repeatedly told (even by doctors with reservations about PGD) that it made sense for people who are carriers for things like CF. How a balanced translocation fits into this, I'm not sure.

    It's a tough decision. And I hope it becomes a moot one.