May 25, 2011

A Little Progress

And may I say--it's very little. I headed off to the REs office for cd1 last week. They needed a pre-ivf ultrasound scan--which doesn't make much sense to me but whatever. While I was there we discussed getting me a calendar. The RE wanted me to start bcp now for a July cycle. I said no. I've read of people being over suppressed by being on bcp too long. So, we agreed I would start them with my June cycle. We then discussed timing. My only constraint has been that we start after July 1st because my health spending plan renews then. The office has known this for a couple months. Apparently they failed to tell me that the lab would be closed at the end of July/early August and that the RE would be on vacation the second week of August. So now due to my (funny, right?) time constraints it is looking unlikely that the ivf cycle will happen in July. They want to push it to August--which is horrible timing for me. I work in education so August is one of my busiest most stressful months at school. Sigh... So, September? They are still looking at my calendar and are supposed to get back to me sometime soon--hopefully before I leave for vacation. Meanwhile, the insurance issues still aren't worked out. No one is able to give me an accurate reflection of how much I will have to pay for this (including the insurance company). Insurance (while amazing) is just so frustrating. I have to call them back today to discuss.

Other than the above, I'm trying to plan for our vacation. It will be really great to get away for a few weeks. Of course, I always worry about our dogs--we have a housesitter coming to take care of them. But, this vacation is greatly needed. I've also been doing really well on my diet/exercise plan. The only positive to ivf getting pushed back is that I'll have more time to get in shape.


  1. Oh how shite, its so frustrating (my cycle has another 3 months delay on it now too) maybe we WILL be on the same ivf cycle after all, wouldn't that be cool!!??

    Get some bloody holidaying done, I think we need stuff to look forward to in the long time-draggy meantime

  2. Thirtiesgirl.... I am glad you are able to stick with your diet/exercise routine, it's great for the mind. But I am sorry that your IVF cycle will be delayed, what a bummer. And I feel your pain about the insurance company. I've called before for some infertility testing costs and they could not tell me :( Huuuhhh... I hope that you get your answers very soon. I understand about leaving your dogs. When we went to France three years ago, I left them in a kennel, it was hard. Try to relax and enjoy your vacation as much as you can (you certainly need it) and who knows.... you might end up naturally conceiving before the IVF ;-)
    As always, good luck to you! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. I'm sorry it's so tough finding a good time for your IVF. I hope the insurance stuff gets sorted out soon.

  4. I'm sorry things aren't working out the way that you planed. FX that things start looking up as far as the cycle goes.

    I hope you don't mind but I liked your blog so much I just had to nominate you for "The Versatile Blogger Award". Just follow the below link to get the rules and to be hopefully be inspired.

  5. You know that's what pi$$es me off the most about we have to work our lives and schedules around IT! Sooo frustrating. But I am sooo glad you are planning a vacation. You so deserve it!

  6. I'm so sorry you're having a tough time getting timing to work with your schedule. I hate that we're always living our lives around shots, pills, more shots and then the lovely procedure. Ugh!

    Anyway - hang in there hon. I hope you enjoy your vacation and come back rested and relaxed and ready for what the rest of the year has in store for you.


    ♥ T