November 22, 2011

Going Crazy....Waiting

So far, so good....there's been no phone call. However, my REs office has only been open for 20 minutes and I doubt they would have jumped immediately to my file and results of my chromosome testing. Every time my phone vibrates (I have a blackberry and get a lot of email so it vibrates a lot) I'm sure that it is the phone call of doom to tell me there were no good embryos. Dang, and I've been so zen up to this point. I've asked for no information and received no information---other than the initial fertilization results. Send some good thoughts up for me ladies. Really hoping I get to transfer something.


  1. Maybe you can call them. I have been thinking about your results. I know you will have some normals. You had such a great fertilization report so that is good. What a great turn around for results I had to wait 4 weeks.

  2. Definitely thinking of you and sending postive vibes your direction.

  3. With so many embryos fertilized there have got to be at least two or three really good ones, right? Hang in there...Thinking of you and your embryos :)