May 9, 2012

First Shower, Defenses, a BabyMoon, and 27 weeks

Time seems to be going by very quickly. I hope that continues to be the case when I am at the end and just wanting to meet this little girl. We have been extremely busy which certainly is helping this pregnancy speed by.

We had our first baby shower last weekend. It was hosted by a close friend of mine and she did a fabulous job. She hand made all the decorations and they were adorable. We got a sea creature theme (Mr. F studies them). About 30 friends and family were there to celebrate and they were extremely generous. PJ now has many new outfits, blankets, books, diapers, and toys. Now, I just need to sit down and get the thank-you cards written.

In addition, Mr. F is now officially Dr. F. He finished his graduate degree and he is finally back to normal. It's been a stressful couple of months for him and you could visually see the stress lift from him after he finished his defense.  I am almost done with my graduate degree. I have 2 more classes to finish this summer before PJ comes.

We have also booked our babymoon. We will be doing a tour of all the major Hawaiian Islands. I've been to many before but there are still things we wanted to do on each of them. So, off we will go the first week in July. I am very much looking forward to my last bit of relaxation.

Finally, I'm 27 weeks today. 28 weeks is my next milestone. So, almost there. I am feeling really great. I have no major complaints. I have a little carpal tunnel (I think) in my hands and sometimes my back is sore...but otherwise I am functioning completely like normal! I know there is still time to develop the awesome things (like hemorrhoids) but so far, so good.