July 19, 2012

Almost there.

Yesterday marked 37 weeks (according to my drs office). I've been going through the normal testing and at this point everything is looking good. PJ has apparently decided, however, that she will not be coming out anytime soon. She is still high up with no signs of dropping. I'm fully expecting to go 41 weeks. Though, I hope she will come on her own before then so that I don't have to be induced. Pitocin seems as if it will throw off any delusions of a natural birth. Yes, that's my birth plan so far. Well, it's more of a see how it goes and stay flexible birth plan. If all possible, however, I would like to give birth without drugs. I also plan on using the labor (not birthing) tub at our hospital. I really like water and I am hoping it will help me a lot with pain management. Crazy how real this is getting now.

In my spare time me and Mr. F have been furiously packing up our apartment. It's a lot of work to move from one side of the country to the other. We are hoping to have everything done/sold within the next week or two so that we are both able to relax a bit before PJ comes. Everyone keeps telling me how brave I am--quitting my job, moving, having a baby, looking for a new job--but I think my response that I'm just crazy is a bit more accurate.


  1. Good luck, Thirties Girl. You really are almost there and I'm glad to read that things are looking good. (For what it's worth, I am convinced that the only reason things started to move in my situation are a) a very long walk, and b) Indian food...though who knows:)

  2. Wow Thirtiesgirl!! That is a crazy amount of change...soo happy for you that your babe will be in your arms within DAYS!! If not here already. Hang in there!