July 30, 2012

Still Waiting...

Almost 39 weeks (2 more days according to the drs office). I'm not surprised at all. Statistically speaking I know I'm likely to go over 40 weeks. I am starting to hope she comes soon though. Our schedule for moving  is regimented down to the last second. PJ delaying her arrival (past one week overdue) will delay plane tickets and Mr. F's departure for orientation. So, we are really hoping that she decides to come before then. 

Here's my complaining for the week--so skip if you don't want to hear it. I'm also in considerably more pain then before. I'm certain that the stress of moving and physically helping to move household items isn't helping. However, the bigger the baby gets the more the joint pain increases and the harder I'm finding it to move around. An hour long walk around the mall is about all I can handle these days and I hate it. I don't like feeling like I'm unable to do things...and that's currently how I'm starting to feel. 

Otherwise, things are going really well. The GD is firmly under control, still with diet only. I rarely have a number that is over and if it is it's usually by a few points. My exams have all been great--no cervix checks here though so no idea if I'm progressing--and PJ is measuring on track. I have another exam today, so hoping I see the same results. 


  1. The last month of pregnancy is HARD! Everything hurts at the end! I hope baby girl makes her arrival soon :) You are in the home stretch now, time to try so old wives tales to get labor going!

  2. OHHH!!! Hang in there...you are within HOURS of meeting your baby...so excited for you!