August 9, 2012


PJ still hasn't made her entrance. It's making Mr. F and I very nervous. Mr. F is supposed to be on a plane on his way to NYC next Friday. So, we were hoping for earlier instead of later. I've been watching those on my blog role who were due after me give birth before me (congrats ladies!) and it's been tough. I want Mr. F to have as much time with her as possible before he needs to leave.

I spent the day in L&D yesterday. I had a regular appointment in the morning and was checked and found that I hadn't progressed from the last appt (they checked me last time because I had someone other then my normal midwife). My blood pressure was high and my feet/legs still swollen, so that coupled with GD got me sent in for testing. At L&D my blood pressure still wasn't stellar (hovering around 137/93) but apparently that's good enough for them as I was sent home. I'm doing a 24 hour urine collection now--which I would be surprised if it showed anything. I've never had anything more then trace amounts of protein in my urine. I have a follow-up appointment with a Dr on Friday.

I was told at L&D that I won't be allowed to go past 41 weeks (which is next Tuesday). I'm hoping that PJ will make her entrance well before then. I really don't want to be induced but also don't like the possible risks associated with GD--especially since it seems they don't plan on doing an additional BPP to check for placenta problems like I thought they were going to do. My plan for the next few days is to continue walking, eating spicy foods, and trying not to stress--while hoping for the best.