January 3, 2011

New Year, New Outlook

Well, I'm going to try. 2010 was incredibly stressful so for 2011 I've decided I'm really going to work on my stress levels. I've got a couple things in mind--exercise, yoga, and acupuncture. I cheated and started the acupuncture in 2010. I really enjoyed my first appointment and it was nice to have nothing to do for 45 minutes but relax. The yoga and exercise will be starting on Friday the 7th. We have a guest in town right now and our itty bitty apartment is just not conducive to extra guest + yoga/zen room. I picked up the 12 week fertility plan and am using the yoga exercises in the book to craft my program. If anyone has used it before or has any advice, please let me know.

I had my first RE appointment of the year today. The cyst, happily, is gone. I'm not waiting on AF and then back to the RE for the Cd3 ultrasound/meds. I also found out that insurance will cover IVF and PGD! Now I have to decide when and if I want to go through with this. Mr. F and I are thinking we'll do at least 2 more medicated IUIs before moving on. I really want to be in a better frame of mind and in better physical condition before we move to IVF. So, for now, I'm going to try to focus my energy on getting myself healthy and happy again.


  1. I love acupuncture! I think I might be addicted, in fact.

    Have you done femoral massage? I read about in Randine Lewis' book, and did it every single day of my last cycle from CD3 to the night before my IUI - I don't know if it helped, but it certainly didn't hurt! http://www.livewellnaturally.com.au/fertility-blog/2010/8/4/boost-your-fertility-naturally-with-femoral-massage.html

    Great news about your insurance coverage for IVF/PGD! But, I really hope you don't end up needing it.

  2. This is great news about your insurance covering the IVF and PGD!!! Awesome. I really hope that 2011 brings you joy and what you have wanted so so so much :-)
    Good Luck this year!